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Software keeps companies informed of local governance policy

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Libryo is a comprehensive governance platform providing companies with up-to-date info on local legislation.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms are being increasingly used by large corporate businesses as a way to keep employees informed without paying large consultancy fees — the parental leave platform we recently covered shows this increasing need. Standards and Legal have created a platform that keeps companies aware of local legislature as their business expands into other political domains.

Libryo is a database which every employee within a company can use to search for very specific requests related to their needs. It scans meta-tagged documents, pulls up only the relevant items, and directs users straight to those sections. Legal documents are also geo-tagged, and Libryo will notify companies when their local governance requirements change, allowing them to implement new guidelines when necessary. As businesses expand globally, Libryo ensures that they stay compliant with specific legislature surrounding employee rights, environmental obligations and risk management, so they can protect company assets.

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