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Software turns spreadsheets into written reports

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Automated Insights have developed a free system that can analyze data to write personalized reports.

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Just this week we wrote about a tool that can personalize automated outreach emails, and now we’ve come across a new offering from Automated Insights that will analyze data and write personalized reports.

The service, called Wordsmith, is currently in private beta and already being used by giants like Yahoo!, Comcast, Samsung and others. To begin, users first upload a spreadsheet or an alternative form of numerical data. The system will then convert the individual fields into variables, which are used populate a text template. Users can also apply rules to the data to create certain phrases or sentences within the text. For example, if a number is greater than a certain value, a specific set of words can be used. Namely, if the sales from this month’s datasheet were greater than last month’s, words like “It was another great month” can be inserted. The users will still have to know which data correlates to which information, but once the various rules are preset, the task will become much more streamlined.


We have already seen an AI-powered tool that can turn legal contracts into simple visual charts, and a service that will share a post on multiple platforms with one action. What other administrative tasks can be automated through similar innovations?



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