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Solar-powered tent keeps festivalgoers' devices charged

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The UK's Bang Bang Tents has developed a colorful camping tent equipped with its own solar-powered charge point.

Consumers are so attached to their smartphones, laptops and other electronics that running out of juice is one of the most common mini traumas of modern life. Festival goers especially need to accept that being cut off from their friends because of low battery is almost inevitable. However, the UK’s Bang Bang Tents is aiming to change that, with its colorful camping tents equipped with their own solar-powered charge point.

Each tent comes with an inside pocket in the back, designed to hold the included 5W solar panel and lithium battery pack that captures and stores the energy from sunlight during the day. Users can connect their smartphones, tablets, cameras, speakers and other portable electronics using the USB adaptors provided. The device offers a trickle charge that’s designed to keep devices running off enough power to last until the next charge. Each 5kg tent comfortably fits 4 people and comes in a range of 6 quirky designs.

Price at GBP 189, the tent is not too much more expensive than others on the market, and — although marketed at the festival crowd — could find use among hikers and others that find themselves needing a charge while enjoying the outdoors. Are there other ways to ensure consumers can charge their devices when they’re out of the house or office?

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