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Solar powered trikes deliver food to local businesses without the emissions

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Amsterdam-based FOODLOGICA is using sustainable e-trikes powered by the sun for 'last mile' food transport from city farmers' markets to local catering businesses.

The major problem with the modern food industry is how much it relies on oil. Consumers demand food from all around the world, even when they can get seasonal fruit and veg from their local neighborhood. Startups such as FreshRealm have already aimed to reduce the number of trips produce makes by delivering it straight from farms to consumers by mail. Now Amsterdam-based FOODLOGICA is using sustainable e-trikes powered by the sun for ‘last mile’ food transport from city farmers’ markets to local catering businesses.

According to Cities magazine, which developed the initiative, enterprises such as cafés, bars, shops and restaurants in Amsterdam average 6.5 food deliveries every week. Considering there are nearly 5,000 such businesses in the Dutch city alone, that’s a lot of diesel being burned.

The FOODLOGICA system aims to provide food producers with a zero-carbon transport option when dealing with catering businesses. It uses e-trikes equipped with a storage trailer for food that doubles up as a self-sufficient charging station with solar panels on top. The bikes can carry food from urban farms or farmers’ markets to any address within a 100km range. FOODLOGICA is working with local producers and businesses to encourage them to take up the scheme, which offers food box deliveries from EUR 15. In order to incentivize green behavior, businesses pay more for greater distances or multiple stops along each courier’s route.

Watch the short documentary below, which explains more about the project:


The system aims to avoid the emissions and costs associated with traditional trucks and warehouses, helping the environment and fostering relationships between local suppliers and businesses. Are there other ways to make food transport more sustainable?



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