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Solar-powered trash masher


The BigBelly is a solar-powered waste container that aims to eliminate those all-too-familiar overflowing trash cans, keeping public spaces cleaner and greener. The flagship product of US-based Seahorse Power Company, BigBelly units compact trash on the spot, optimizing refuse capacity — a BigBelly holds up to five times as much garbage as a regular, non-compacting bin. This reduces the number of times bins need to be emptied, and fewer collections means saved time, fuel and truck costs. Since they don’t need to be plugged in, BigBelly units can be placed just about anywhere. The units also are fully enclosed and weather-resistant, are available with optional bear-proofing, and cost USD 3,600–3,900. The BigBelly system aligns with municipal ‘green’ goals and anti-litter campaigns for cities, parks, beaches, colleges, stadiums. BigBelly units have space for advertising, which can be a nice PR opportunity for companies that want to showcase their commitment both to the community and to the environment. With the environment on the minds of many, this is just one example of how an innovative, eco-friendly concept can take off! One to bring to your own country or region? An obvious enhancement would be to incorporate a solution for recyclables. Might we suggest pairing BigBellies with an industrial version of the Ecopod? Spotted by: Bertjan van Dijk



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