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Solar-roasted coffee

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Customers who want to start their day on an ecologically friendly note may want to fill their mugs with Solar Roast Coffee—a fresh new brew for java lovers that is roasted using clean abundant solar energy. Based in Pueblo, Colorado, Solar Roast Coffee uses only 100% organic or fair trade coffee beans. Their special solar-powered roasting technique ensures the least impact on the environment. Not just a regular roaster powered by solar panels, Solar Roast’s Helios 2.0 catches rays of sunshine directly on a drum roaster filled with beans. The roaster is capable of reaching temperatures upwards of 550 degrees Fahrenheit, and swivels and tilts allowing it to track the sun throughout the day. No fossil fuels are burned to heat the beans, and no electric connection is needed to power the roaster’s fans and motors. The result? Likely the most earth-friendly coffee available on the market—and one the owners are hoping will be a hit with consumers. The first Solar Roast Cafe opened in Pueblo early this year, and the company already has plans to open more locations in the western U.S, and also operates an online store. Coffees begin around USD 12 per pound. While speciality coffeehouses and roasters are nothing new, this very hands-on application of solar power adds a novel twist and true-green eco credentials. Key element? Fossil-free roasting makes for a great story for customers to share with their friends. (See’s still made here for more on stories and status.) One to set up in sunny cities across the world: Perth, Barcelona, L.A….? Spotted by: Barbara Winter



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