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In South Australia, clinic treats doctors only

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Doctors’ Health SA is offering a medical clinic for doctors only, encouraging health professionals to seek advice from others.

We’ve seen many attempts designed to improve the way people receive their healthcare, from social network-based doctor and dentist recommendations to self-help physio advice. Now Doctors’ Health SA, based in South Australia, is offering a clinic to those who are GPs themselves, encouraging health professionals to seek advice from others rather than relying on their own diagnoses. Located in Adelaide, the clinic will train its staff in dealing with patients who are also doctors, focusing especially on serving those who may feel uncomfortable speaking to another professional about their health. As well as possibly feeling embarrassed, many GPs struggle to find time outside of their working hours for check-ups, and so in order to fit around GPs’ schedules, the clinic will be open for four hours, two nights a week and all day on Saturdays. According to ABC News, Doctors’ Health SA is the first consultancy of its kind in the world, which is perhaps surprising considering that health professionals need a regular check-up like everyone else. South Australian doctors are also bound to a recently introduced law which states that they must report colleagues who are working while suffering from illness. Dr Margaret Kay, speaking to ABC News, explained that this has led to more doctors neglecting their health in order to continue working. Doctors’ Health SA hopes that it will be able to provide a confidential platform for medics to receive healthcare. It is not only doctors in South Australia that need the occasional check up or medical help. One to replicate in your part of the world? Spotted by: Cecilia Biemann



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