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Flexible sports bra | Photo source Pixabay

Space-inspired sports bra adjusts to movement

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The new NASA-inspired sports bra adapts its fit to suit the changing needs of the wearer between active and relaxation periods.

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Sportswear brands have often incorporated technology into their products for user benefits, as documented by Springwise through this wearable smart coach or an innovative biodesign that uses bacteria in clothing to enhance performance. Now a global corporation is looking even further afield to improve their clothing.

Reebok’s new sports bra, the PureMove, adapts to your movements; it tightens up when you’re moving for increased support, and relaxes when you slow down. Such a flexible design revolutionizes female activewear by having clothing that does what you need as you need it.

Designer Danielle Witek took inspiration from Shear Thickening Fluid, invented by engineers from the University of Delaware. The gel-like solution is liquid when still or slow-moving, but hardens into a solid when moving at a high speed. Since its conception, its utilization varies widely, from Kevlar bulletproof vests to NASA spacesuits – and now, in sportswear.

The fluid is woven into the textile so that the fabric feels no different to any other. The bra composes of just seven pieces of fabric, making it simple to wear and move in. The PureMove is available from August 16 over a range of ten sizes, retailing at 60 USD. After launching their Motion Sense Technology through this product, Reebok will surely be waiting with bated breath to see whether further incorporation of the science could advance their products.



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