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Simplified Russian phone incorporates emergency SOS feature

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It was only a few months ago that we wrote about John’s Phone, which claimed to be “the world’s most simple phone”. Now we’ve discovered Space phone which — while perhaps not quite as simple as John’s Phone — offers features specifically targeted towards the elderly and children. The simplified phone from Russian Just5 is designed for the sole purposes of making and receiving calls, and sending SMS messages. Available in purple, pink, orange, lime, menthol, and multicoloured, Space phone features a simple user interface and large buttons, in order to make using the phone as easy as possible. Perhaps most interestingly however, the Space phone also amplifies sound to make hearing a phone conversation easier, as well as featuring an SOS button on the back of the phone, which, when pushed, will automatically dial a pre-set emergency number. The phone is available for RUB 3,930, or RUB 4,500 for the multicoloured model. In many ways the phone is similar to The Aid, as the provision of an SOS button offers increased security for children and the elderly on the move. As it becomes more common for portable devices of all types to be found in the hands of the vulnerable, we predict there are many more innovations in this vein still to come. Spotted by: Gabriel Vanduinen



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