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In Spain, vending machine sells fresh seafood


Spanish fishmongers have installed a vending machine outside their shop that dispenses fresh seafood around the clock.

A few months ago we spotted an entrepreneurial baker in France who had installed an automated baguette dispenser outside his shop, enabling him to continue trading after shop opening hours. Now near Bilbao, Spain, a pair of fishmongers with a similar idea have installed a vending machine that sells fresh fish 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Brother and sister pair Ruben and Marga Rios opened their fish shop, Arrandegia Martin, 11 years ago in Mungia, approximately 20 kilometers from Bilbao. The vending machine — installed outside the shop late last year — sells a selection of fresh seafood including sardines, anchovies, hake and shrimp. Goods are bought daily from Mercabilbao market, before being cleaned and packed into individual trays which state the expiration date. Cooked seafood is also available from the machine and all goods cost the same as they do in-store. The vending machine has proved popular with locals and the brother and sister are reportedly planning to stock live bait for “early bird” fishermen soon. For small retailers, an outside-of-store vending machine can provide additional income and better serve customers. An idea to consider for your own retail efforts? Spotted by: R Steinberg


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