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Platform facilitates rankings of public speakers

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Those for whom the transparency bell has already tolled know that openness can reveal new routes to market triumph. Aiming to put that premise into practice for public speakers, SpeakerRate is a site that enables ratings and feedback for those on the professorial side of the podium. SpeakerRate is a community site for event organizers, attendees and speakers that’s intended to help event organizers find the best speakers available for the events they’re organizing. Event attendees can provide constructive feedback for the speakers they’ve heard—including both delivery and content—as well as track the talks they’ve attended and research upcoming talks. Event speakers, meanwhile, can get constructive feedback directly from attendees and find out how they can improve their content and delivery for next time. They can also establish a SpeakerRating, which will help them earn future speaking opportunities. Organizers, in turn, can research and choose the best options for their next event. Developed by Pointless Corp., a sandbox at Virginia-based Viget Labs, the SpeakerRate API is also available for noncommercial use by outside developers. Technically oriented talks currently dominate the rankings at SpeakerRate, but there’s no reason the model couldn’t be applied to talks of any other kind as well. One to partner with or emulate on a niche or localized basis? Spotted by: Lyuba Stevasarova



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