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Sponsored content gets past ad-blockers

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Yavli provides publishers with advertising in the form of sponsored content that doesn't get blocked by ad-blockers.

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Nearly 200 million people now use ad blockers every month, so they can browse their favorite sites without being troubled by intrusive advertising. But this has caused a huge problem for online publishers who rely on the revenue from advertising. We have seen some innovative solutions such as Adieu — a cookie that lets users buy the ad space themselves and replace it with their own photos. Now, Yavli has another option: the London startup has created a technology that transforms ads into sponsored content that is delivered simultaneously with a page’s content and doesn’t get blocked by ad-blockers.


Yavli’s sponsored content units are displayed in the sidebar or at the bottom of the page. Publishers can utilize the non-intrusive marketing format, which enables them to reclaim advertising revenue without spoiling their audience’s experience. Yavli already has over 100 small online publishers onboard, who are gaining high, above average click-through rates for their sponsored content units — 2.5-4 percent as opposed to 0.08 percent.

How else could online publishing be rethought to help strike a balance between advertising revenue and reader experience?



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