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In Denmark, crowdfunded ads spread social messages

Nonprofit & Social Cause

Customer-generated advertising is a phenomenon we’ve seen before, but Danish brings something different to the table. Rather than promoting ads consumers themselves have created, the site lets visitors help fund pre-made ads promoting positive, noncommercial messages. began by conducting a survey and identifying positive, socially oriented messages that resonated particularly well with Danish consumers. From those it created a set of video ads and posters that are now displayed on the site. One, for example, asserts that there’s no shame in unemployment; another affirms the merit of homosexual parents. Meanwhile, has also created some advantageous arrangements with some of Denmark’s largest media providers, it says, including TV 2 and Clear Channel. So, when visitors to the site see a message that means something to them, they can donate via SMS to help ensure that it gets shown publicly. Alternatively — or in addition — they can promote the message via their own social networks and the site’s downloadable posters. Big media has had control over the advertising space for such a long time, isn’t it time consumers had some say over what gets shown? Social entrepreneurs in other parts of the world: how about you? (Related: A crowdfunding site to support Brazilian projects and ideasCrowdfunding app rewards donors with space on a digital wallCrowdfunding investment for social enterprises.) Spotted by: William Hass



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