Do you play to win –
or not to lose?

If you play ‘not to lose’ then you’ve lost already, particularly in today’s fast changing world. Springlabs’ powerful ideation and innovation workshops will make sure you and your clients are ‘future fit’. A must for any modern and ambitious business.

• Get up to speed with the latest and must-know trends & innovations
• Suitable for any budget
• Real, actionable results in just half a day
• Get your team energized and aligned

Innovate or die. Ready?

Combining Springwise’s razor-sharp knowledge of global innovations, new business ideas and trends with our bespoke and powerful Springlabs methodology, our workshops will help you thrive in the next 12 months and beyond.

Workshops are designed to encourage experimentation and let new ideas flow. With our unique trend & innovation methodology we uncover the tensions, issues and challenges relevant to your business, thereafter defining coherent, achievable opportunities and goals.

We then innovate and ideate with you, in a highly energised, creative and commercially-conscious way – coming up with groundbreaking, fresh innovations and ideas based on your vision and objectives.

We offer 2 types of workshop:

Who is it for?

Our workshops are for brands, agencies, start-ups, consultancies and entrepreneurs looking to make more money, to better engage with their (or their clients’) customers, to get ‘ahead’, to fill their innovation pipeline, and more.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO, an Insight Manager or in Sales, anyone who has a thirst for innovation and interest in pushing your company ahead can (and should) attend.

We always say 9+ people is a good number for a workshop (it can be higher). We prefer to have a mix of attendees with a range of knowledge, backgrounds and expertise – external agencies and partners are also more than welcome.


Our workshops can be conducted anywhere in the world, in your office or in a creative workspace – it’s totally up to you.

We recommend to have it one of our preferred venues that will get your creative juices flowing! Just ask us for more details.

All you need to do is turn up on the day with an open mind and plenty of energy – we’ll guide you through the rest.

How long will it take?

The duration of a workshop is a minimum of half a day and can be up to 2 days, it’s your call and we’re more than happy to discuss what would suit you best well in advance.

What happens after the workshop?

We know that after a successful workshop you’ll want to keep the momentum going! So, you leave the session with a full list of actions, written up versions of your best new ideas and we also give you a free annual subscription to Springwise Access – keeping you constantly in the know, excited and inspired. And hey, you can always drop us a line if you need some help.

Meet Maz – our Chief Innovation Architect

Nothing goes uncovered with Maz. Be prepared to ask some big questions and search for all possible solutions with her in a Springlab workshop.

Maz is energetic, future focused and absolutely passionate about consumer behaviour and shifts, the confluence of trends, start-up innovation, emerging technology and ideation through play… to name just a few.

Maz has over 12 years experience at some of the world’s top agencies (think BBH, Ogilvy, and Momentum). She’s worked across all categories and with many brands, creating value and adding new thinking in whatever she does.

She has been running innovation workshops for 6 years in all corners of the world and is committed to finding the right solutions and ways forward for all businesses facing new challenges or turning new corners.


“Very thought provoking. It is incredibly valuable to be forced into such a future facing headspace away from the daily pulls and pushes of the business”
// Cassandra, Founder

“Springlabs is a great way for a brand to leave behind all their inhibitions while also being aware of the on-going trends and their defining vision. This formula prompts the team to think creatively while being bound to a bigger picture allowing the beginning of some very interesting ideas to be formed”
// Alex, Marketing Manager

“Springlabs forces you to think outside what you already know. A valuable exercise for any company, large or small”
// Thea, Operations Director

“I loved the energy of the session and the creative ideas that stemmed from it”
// Jessica, PR Director

“Working in teams to better develop our ideas is a great way of pushing ourselves and it was a great way of coming together in a safe space where everyone could get their ideas across”
// Ryan, COO

“An invaluable workshop that has revolutionised the way I think about a brief”
// Jen, Head of Innovation

Get in touch for more information and for a bespoke quote: [email protected]