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Start-up offers unlimited small graphic design tasks for other start-ups

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Undullify is an unlimited graphic design subscription service for start-ups and small businesses who need to regularly complete small design tasks.

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Most start-ups adopt a DIY approach out of necessity: founders will often try their hand at design tasks rather than outsourcing them to professionals in a bid to save time and money. But what would take a pro minutes can end up taking beginners hours and hours of their precious time. Offering a solution, Undullify is a casual graphic design service for small businesses who need small design tasks completed regularly, but not often enough to warrant employing a full-time designer or hiring an expensive design agency.

Customers can either hire Undullify for a one-off emergency task, which costs USD 29 per job or sign up to one of their unlimited monthly plans. The pricing on these plans is what makes the model particularly interesting: Their most popular service is the Monthly Entrepreneur Unlimited Plan which costs USD 179 per month and gets the customer a dedicated designer who will complete unlimited tasks with unlimited revisions. The Monthly Starter Unlimited, meanwhile, offers a similar package for half the price, with the proviso that the design tasks shouldn’t be time sensitive. These tasks will be completed within three business days.


With the Entrepreneur Unlimited Plan, Undullify promise a one business day turnaround for any task that takes them under thirty minutes to complete: this might mean tweaking existing imagery or creating new visual content. Services include making banner ads, adjusting website graphics, redesigning business cards and altering images for blog posts.

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