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AI barista | Photo source Pixabay

Startup uses AI to match consumers with their perfect coffee


Virtual barista quizzes coffee drinkers on their preferences to provide them with a perfect match.

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We have seen a trend in the use of AI to offer better customer service. Such developments are certainly visible in the coffee industry as cafes take advantage of new technology. For example, we have seen the invention of the Makr Shakr in Italy. This is an app controlled robotic bar which allows users to design their own drinks. Another related innovation could be on the horizon as a patent was recently filed for a drone capable of delivering coffee. If created, this drone would have the ability to sense when people need a hot beverage. The Chicago-based startup Javaya also uses technology to provide customers with a personalised service.

Founded just over a year ago, Javaya uses AI technology to match consumers with their perfect coffee via an easy-to-use online site. Consumers answer three questions posed by the virtual barista about their coffee preferences. For example, they can express a preference for a bitter coffee, with a light and clean mouthfeel and mellow liveliness. This simple process provides immediate coffee recommendations. Following this, the consumer can purchase the coffee beans at the click of a button. The company prides themselves on delivering the coffee beans when they are at peak freshness. This makes the coffee choosing and ordering process simpler and easier, whilst prioritising the quality of the coffee beans. Co-founder of Javaya Nick Selman says: “We try to select roasters that bring a lot of diversity to our marketplace, we take time to get to know each roaster individually, and learn about their story.”



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