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Startup connects brands with influencers using machine learning

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Bay area startup, Sapie Space, uses machine learning to enable brands to find relevant influencers and help them make a personal connection.

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The importance of social media influencers to the future of marketing should not be underestimated, with 59% of marketers planning to increase their influencer marketing budget in the coming year. With more and more online customers using adblocker technology, working through influencers allows brands to connect with audiences that are tough to reach through traditional advertising channels. Springwise has written about several startups that support brands to connect with social media influencers and their content. Applause connects brands with live video influencers and Mantii helps brands access publicly available user-generated content. Adding machine learning to the idea, Sapie Space offers a new solution.

Sapie Space uses machine learning to help brands build a personal connection with the most influential and relevant people to the audience they are trying to connect with. The innovation allows brands access to more indepth information about the influencers they could be working with: the content they want to share; how they feel about certain topics, websites, media, etc; and even how they feel about brand competitors. Founded by Jack Treseler, formerly SEO Marketing Manager for Square, the innovation has access to 2 million influencers in 1,000 industries.

People increasingly trust brand recommendations that come from individuals, even those they don’t know. How else can machine learning bring us the personal touch?



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