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Startup creates on-demand warehousing platform


Companies with too much storage space can connect with businesses looking for temporary warehouses

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Spotted: US-based FLEXE has created an on-demand commercial warehousing platform. The service allows companies with too much storage space to connect with businesses looking for temporary warehouses.

In addition, FLEXE simplifies e-commerce for its clients. Every one of the over 1000 warehouses on the FLEXE network uses the same software. The company says that makes it easier to fulfill orders and track inventory. The startup’s model has already gained traction with large companies, like Walmart. FLEXE was recently named one of the fastest growing businesses in the country. It received $43 Million in Series B in May.

FLEXE’s model has disrupted the commercial storage sector and created a new industry, according to co-founder Karl Siebrecht. The company calls itself the first and largest “on-demand” storage network. The company helps businesses find commercial warehouse space when – and where – they need it. It also helps businesses fill extra warehouse space when they don’t need it.



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