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Startup develops at home eye test

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A new product could allow people to conduct their own eye tests at home

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Spotted: There are already a number of websites that allow you to order glasses online, with considerable price savings. Now, a company in California are taking things one step further with a device that allows users to test their eyesight at home. EyeQue have developed the VisionCheck, a personal vision tracker. The VisionCheck is an automated optical device that can measure and track reflective error, allowing users to order new glasses with the test results.

VisionCheck combines a cloud-based platform, a smartphone application, and a motorised optical scope. The scope snaps onto the smartphone screen, and the user places it against their eye to perform the test. The accompanying app displays different images on the screen, while an internal motor rotates a series of lenses to measure the eye’s focus and astigmatism. A separate tool built into the app measures the distance between the pupils and provides the spherical, cylindrical and axis measurements that are needed to make glasses. The data is sent to the phone via Bluetooth and then uploaded to the VisionCheck platform, where the results are processed. Consumers can use the results to order eyeglasses through online retailers from the convenience of their own home.

EyeQue are seeking funding on Indiegogo, where they have raised more than 475 percent of their goal. The VisionCheck is also available for pre-order through the company website. Costs start at €54 ($60). At Springwise, we have covered a number of other innovations that help people perform tasks that used to require experts. These have included headphones that allow users to test their own hearing and a printer that can print out a user’s own Braille.




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