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Startup digitizes milk delivery in India

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A Mumbai based startup is disrupting the milk delivery system in India, giving customers a more convenient and safer way to buy milk.

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India’s existing milk delivery system is haphazardly organized and has issues around quality. Government reports suggest that as much as 68 percent of milk is ‘tainted.’ Typically, delivery people, whose job is extra to their daytime employment, will water their milk down in order to make greater income from their lot. Reports also suggest that to mask coloration and make their milk appear pure, they also add a range of things including detergent, caustic soda, glucose, white paint and refined oil. Now, Supr Daily is a Mumbai based startup that has digitised milk delivery.

Supr Daily delivers fresh milk to customers directly from farms, with zero additives. It works using a mobile app and WhatsApp account, making communicating with the milkman easier. There is even a vacation setting. The company also offers some everyday goods like bread, eggs, butter and coconut milk for the convenience of their customers. Currently available in 15 neighborhoods in Mumbai, Supr Daily has completed more than 500,000 deliveries over the last year. CEO and founder, Puneet Kumar, reports that 90 percent of customers are repeat purchasers and it’s not hard to see why. The startup has reduced the price of delivery with many saving as much as 30-40 percent on purchases, and the quality of milk is significantly better because Supr Daily works directly with milk farms. The company plans to cover the entire city before the end of 2017, moving on to other tier-one cities in India after that.

Milk delivery is ubiquitous across homes and offices in Indian cities, with the market worth an estimated USD 13 billion. We have already written about this physical button that can reorder household goods. Are there still more goods whose delivery system could be updated?




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