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Startup partners with cities to make safer scooters

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VOI’s e-scooter platform works a lot like its rivals, but takes a more collaborative approach

Spotted: Swedish startup VOI Technology is promising scooters that represent the “future of urban mobility.” Its focus is on safety, which includes working directly with city officials to improve transportation as it expands its network.

VOI’s electronic scooter platform works a lot like its rivals: you download an app, find a scooter and scan a QR code to pay the fee and activate the ride. The difference, according to CEO Fredrik Hjelm, is VOI collaborates with cities and riders as it expands its services. That policy allowed it to be the first and only European scooter company to “go live in multiple countries”, VOI says.

“We’ll work closely with politicians and decision makers to improve the transportation network in every city we operate in,” he says. For example, in the German city of in Lubeck, VOI will offer discounts for riders who already have tickets for public transport.  

VOI is planning to expand to 150 locations across Europe this year. The expansion will include new, safer e-scooters and e-bikes, the company says. It raised $30 million in a recent round of financing and $83 million in six months, expanding 14 cities in six countries. VOI will use the new funding to finance R&D and expand its services to Italy, Germany, France and Norway.




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