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Wellness cabins

Startup promotes wellness with secret cabin experience

Travel & Tourism

Holiday cabins are placed in temporary secret locations to enable users to reconnect with their environment.

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We have had the slow food movement and the slow vacation movement. Now, a new concept allows people to slow things down even more with a secret, off-grid cabin experience whose location is only revealed after booking. The Belgian cabins are designed as environmentally-friendly retreats for couples or families. To help users “accept the slow rhythm of nature”, each cabin is located in bucolic surroundings. The cabins can be moved to new locations when necessary to maintain the mystery.

Slow Cabins are designed in a similar way to tiny houses but, are also environmentally-friendly. They have solar panels on the roof, filtered rainwater collection, raw wood floors and dry toilets. Large insulated windows provide views of the local surroundings. They are also unconnected, with no wifi or TV. Electricity is provided by battery. Occupants are able to live with zero impact during their stay – even in winter, when a wood stove provides heat. The cabins are also equipped with a smart display that shows users their energy and water usage. The company hopes this will also help users become more aware of their impact on the environment.

Bookings come with tips for activities in the local area. Bike rentals, spa treatments and other luxuries can also be arranged. Guests can also choose to have baskets of seasonal, slow food delicacies prepared by local farmers delivered to their cabin. Prices for the cabins are 210 USD for a couple, 222 USD for a family or 355 USD for a work retreat. Slow Cabins currently have several cabins in secret locations in Belgium, and will also be opening new offices in Europe and overseas. Unique getaways such as a resort where tourists can sleep underwater and custom pop-up hotels have brought luxury to more locations. Will Slow Cabins now help teach people how to vacation sustainably?




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