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Startup provides companies with reusable packaging


A new packaging startup offers companies a sustainable shipping model with reusable packaging made from recycled materials.

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Companies are increasingly becoming aware of their environmental impact and seeking new sustainable solutions. For example, in the US, a jeans manufacturer uses lasers to speed up the finishing process and reduce chemical waste. Another example is a UK company that creates reusable tampon applicators to reduce waste and save money. A new US startup is responding to the demand for new packaging solutions for online retailers to tackle packaging waste. LimeLoop offers online companies a new shipping model that uses reusable packaging.

LimeLoop makes its waterproof packaging pouches using recycled vinyl from billboards. When customers receive their order, they simply flip the mailing label with the return mailing label. The customer returns the pouch to the company via mail and the company reuses it for another customer. As well as being easy-to-use, the pouches are an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional packaging which commonly contains plastic or Styrofoam. The company estimates that the pouches are reusable for up to 2,000 times. LimeLoop states “By replacing traditional shipping methods with LimeLoop’s shipping solution, over the course of one year approximately 1B trees and 200B gallons of water will be saved”. The new packaging system helps protect the planet along with building a sustainable and positive brand image. It is also attractive to consumers who are conscious about a brand’s environmentally-friendly practices.



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