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Startup resolves customer service issues for free

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Service will help users resolve complaints with any business free of charge.

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Most people hate contacting customer services to make complaints, so it is no surprise that we have seen a number of businesses — such as Green Claim — offering to do people’s grumbling for them. While the aforementioned focuses on sorting out discrepancies between customers and airlines, a new company called Service will help users resolve complaints with any business for free.

To begin, clients contact Service with their complaint via their website. They send a detailed description of the problem and any supporting documentation. Then Service will liaise with the company in question on behalf of the client and attempt to resolve the issue, gaining refunds or compensation for wronged customers.

The service is currently available for free while the startup build a positive reputation, but it will eventually be monetized. What other customer interactions could be outsourced in this way?



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