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Drone controller | Photo source Jonathan Lumpel on Unsplash

Startup revolutionises drone control interface

The ability to control a drone with just one hand could be a reality, thanks to an Australian startup.

Drones have quite literally taken off in the last few years, with innovative developments coming at a rapid rate. A new system allows drones to charge mid-flight, for example, allowing them to fly farther and higher than before. In addition, they are carrying out a wider range of tasks, even going so far as to deliver individual coffees. Now an Australian startup is taking a new approach to make drone control easier for the everyday user.

Tekuma have put their skills into tackling issues with standard drone controllers. Co-founders Annette McClelland, CEO, and Michael Griffin, CTO sought to reinvent tactile control. They believe that traditional controllers are fragile and confusing. It can take months to learn how to use them, which rules out complex drone flights for this with other time demands. In contrast, Tekuma’s controller seeks to be easy to learn from and intuitive to use. In doing so, the design reduces the time, cost, and personnel needed to complete a drone task. “Anyone can pick it up and use it to control a drone, robot or other device with one hand,” says McClelland. This means that the user can also control cameras, delivery mechanisms, or other auxiliary tools in connection with the drone.

The controller interacts with devices via Bluetooth, WiFi, PPM, or serial connections. This allows it to work with drones, robots, underwater rovers, or any other remote mobility machine. One controller could potentially function for multiple devices. For this reason, Tekuma could licence their technology across a variety of markets simultaneously.




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