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Startup streamlines hostel check-in process

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An Australian startup is changing the way travellers check in to hostels with a smart lock system.

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Australian startup Tipi is creating smarter hostels by offering guests an easier way to check in. The Tipi app began as a social network platform helping people connect with other travellers and share tips about the best things to do and see in a certain place. Tipi now lets hostels create a smart check-in system by letting guests download their room keys. The Tipi app provides each customer with a unique check-in pass upon arrival allowing guests to avoid check-in queues. The app notifies users when their room is ready and unlocks their room door.  In addition, users can meet other guests on the app, find out what’s happening nearby and message reception anytime for enquiries.

With a fast check-in service, Tipi allows hostels to keep their guests happy, improving reviews and engagement online. Tipi offers two different lock systems: Tipi discs and Tipi Smart Locks. Tipi Smart Locks replaces existing locks and have Bluetooth and Internet of Things capabilities. With Tipi discs, hostels do not need to replace any locks as the discs ‘plug in’ to existing locks within minutes. Tipi currently has users in more than 150 countries around the world.

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