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Startup does all the work for crowdfunders

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Backerkit offers a number of services including fulfilling shipments, collecting customer data and surveying backers.

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For successful crowdfunders, the work really starts when the campaign finishes. On top of launching their product or service, they also have a lot of orders to fulfill all in one go, and an audience to capitalize on speedily. Now, Backerkit is a startup that offers to do all that on their behalf, enabling their clients to take full advantage of the momentum they have built up.


Backerkit offers a number of services including fulfilling all shipments, collecting and managing backer information, and creating surveys and collating the results into comprehensive datasets. Additionally, the startup will keep backers updated about the whereabouts of their items. Backerkit also enables the company to continue taking pre-orders once their campaign is completed, through website widgets and Kickstarter Spotlight pages.


Backerkit currently works with the Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Tilt Pro platforms and have assisted the creators of everything from bands to game designers. We have already seen a physical shop stocked solely with crowdfunded items — is there any other potential for offshoot businesses from this lucrative industry?



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