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Steam bath for cars

Mobility & Transport

Korean Seven CarWash manufactures powerful car washing appliances with steam jets that combine heat and pressure to clean. Eco-friendly, since it uses just one glass of water per wash and no chemical detergents or cleaners. The machines are safe, fully automatic and easy to use. They use high-pressure steam (maximum of 9 bar) to blow and steam off dust and dirt from automobiles, machines, electrical appliances, precision instruments as well as components and parts. The machines are fully automatic and efficient because washing and drying are part of the same process. As there’s no water run-off, there’s no need for a drain or collection tank. Combined with the fact that the units are relatively small and portable, mobile entrepreneurs can put the machines to work in parking lots of supermarkets, malls and residential areas. Useful for fleet companies, auto dealerships and car rental companies, too. _______ Update Seven CarWash’s website is currently unavailable. For more information on their products, please visit one of their distributors’ websites: (Australia) (United States)



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