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Sticker set makes circuit building as easy as paper collage

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Enabling on-the-fly electronic inventions, Circuit Stickers is a set of adhesive components and connectors that can be attached to almost any surface.

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Regular readers of Springwise may remember Circuit Scribe, the pen that uses conductive ink to enable users to simply draw working circuits on paper. Now Singapore’s Circuit Stickers is also enabling on-the-fly electronic inventions, providing users with a set of adhesive modular components and connectors that can be attached to almost any surface.

Developed by Chibitronics, the kits include an array of flexible materials that can be used to create a circuit. The starter kit, which retails for USD 25, includes stickable LEDs, switches, sensors and microcontrollers, as well as sticky conductive paper, paints and foils to connect them together. There is even a sticker that more advanced users can program themselves by connecting it to their laptops. The idea behind the kits is that as well as being able to make working circuits, users can also be creative with their designs, mixing and matching materials to come up with finished products that merge electronics and artistic craft. Speaking to, Chibitronics’ Jie Qi said that Circuit Stickers make young people and electronics amateurs “able to give what we build a story — it’s the difference between having a glowing red LED light, and using that light to make a blushing robot”. The video below explains a bit more about the ideas behind the project:


Circuit Stickers opens up electronic crafting to anyone by doing away with specialist equipment such as soldering irons and letting them combine their creations with more creative designs. The popularity of the concept was demonstrated with Chibitronics’ Crowd Supply campaign, which raised nearly USD 70,000 from an initial humble target of just USD 1. Could educational institutions pick up this innovation as a new way to cheaply teach electronics and creativity in the classroom?

Spotted by Murray Orange, written by Springwise



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