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Stickers help Twitterers find new followers offline

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Posting a Twitter address is easy to do online, but until now there have been few offline opportunities for consumers and businesses to recruit new Twitter followers. Jumping at the entrepreneurial opportunity, StickyTwits (@stickytwits) designs stickers featuring Twitter addresses for easy distribution in the analogue world. The idea for StickyTwits came from a signage designer and a marketing expert who wanted to stick their Twitter URLs on their cars, computers, office windows, etc. The Australian venture now sells customized stickers made from professional grade vinyl and durable ink, for AUD 14.95 per set. Each sticker pack contains 30 multicoloured customized stickers—15 large (292×50 mm) and 15 small (145×25 mm)—which come in four seasonal colour schemes: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Obviously, StickyTwits is a niche business and depends on Twitter’s continued popularity. But it’s a fun example of entrepreneurs latching on to the latest buzz to launch a side business on the fly. Spotted by: Doug Garske (@dhgarske)



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