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Described as “Rocketboom for Wall Street” and “Squawk Box meets Saturday Night Live”, Wallstrip offers stock advice in a format that’s second nature to viewers who watch YouTube instead of CNBC. Wallstrip’s daily videos are taped in New York, hosted by actress Lindsay Campbell, and feature one public company in every 3-minute online show. Wallstrip was founded in October 2006, aiming to be both sassy and serious while teaching a new generation of investors to pick their own stocks. The show was created by Howard Lindzon, who runs an investment firm and hedge fund in Arizona and a venture capital fund in Toronto. Following Lindzon’s personal investment philosophy, the focus is on stocks at all-time highs, like Apple, Google and Toyota, analysing why they’re strong and whether they’ll continue to increase in value. Man on the street interviews add to Wallstrip’s informal vibe. The show has been voted one of the top podcasts on iTunes, and is also distributed via social video sites like Revver and YouTube. With enough VC backing to wait and see how its own value will develop, Wallstrip is in no hurry to chase advertising revenues, focusing instead on building a dedicated following of valuable eyeballs. Light, entertaining and very digestible, Wallstrip’s pop-culture approach to the stock market should spawn siblings in every major financial market. Stock-savvy entrepreneurs in London, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Hong Kong—what are you waiting for?!


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