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Stockholm tourist guide is based on the city's most popular taxi trips

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Sweden's Taxi Trails shows the most popular cab destinations in real-time to offer city suggestions for tourists.

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Travel guides have undergone a huge upheaval with the advent of the web, with more tourists than ever before relying on the opinions of people like them instead of more professional reviews. We’ve even seen real-time digital data such as social media trends and Instagram photos incorporated into guides before. Now Sweden’s Taxi Trails is offering another example, displaying the most popular cab destinations in real-time to offer city suggestions for tourists.

Created by Taxi Stockholm, the platform uses GPS data from the 8 million trips the company’s fleet make around the city each year. Taxi Trails maps all of these journeys to show where customers — made up of a mix of locals and other tourists — actually travel to. Using heat maps, users can quickly see the most popular places in the city and can organize them by trips made in the last year or month, in the daytime or nighttime, on a weekday or weekend, or even by posh or hip customers (based on an assumption that passengers from the upmarket region of Östermalm are posh, while those from Södermalm are hip). When they’ve identified a popular location, users can then explore the area through nearby venues or Google Street View.

Watch the video below to learn more about the service:

Are there other ways to use real-time data to offer activity suggestions based on what’s popular right now?



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