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Like a wearable magazine , T-post is a t-shirt subscription based on news stories. Every six weeks, the Swedish company takes a new item that has caught their attention, and designs the next t-shirt based on that story. Recent examples include ‘Like Love on Demand’ (March issue, above left), sparked by a statement by documentary photographer Jens Assur that the thing he likes about dogs is that they give love on demand. The February issue (above right), titled ‘First Condoms, Now This’, pictures curly pig tails. The underlying story? Taiwanese researchers breeding glow-in-the-dark pigs. Every t-shirt comes with its story printed on the inside of the neck, like an elaborate neck tag. After subscribing, customers are sent a new ‘issue’ every six weeks. Shirts are printed in Stockholm, sold for EUR 26/USD 32 a piece, including shipping. T-post has recently started shipping worldwide. We know there are more online t-shirt businesses than you can shake a stick at, but mixing fast fashion with slower op/ed news coverage should be a winner. (Not to mention a great conversation starter!) Local versions might be even more appealing.


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