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Stylish bracelet charges wearers' smartphones


QBracelet is a minimalist wristband that can give smartphones extra power when there's no available outlet.

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We’ve already seen headphones designer handbags equipped with phone charging capabilities, so it was only a matter of time before the items we wear became able to provide some extra juice for our devices. QBracelet is a minimalist wristband that can give smartphones extra power when there’s no available outlet.

The jewelry piece takes the form of a single band available in silver, gold or black that is able to easily clip on and off the wrist. When unclipped, the bracelet reveals a USB or Apple Lightning charger, connected to a battery inside that can provide up to 60 percent extra charge to the average smartphone. The lightweight device is designed primarily as a stylish wristband, but offers convenient charging in any situation. The bracelet can even remain connected during phone calls without making the phone awkward to hold.

Watch the video below to see the QBracelet in action:

The QBracelet can be pre-ordered in three different sizes and choice of iOS or Android smartphone connectors. It’s currently available for USD 79 and will ship in the winter. Are there other fashion items that could ensure consumers don’t run out of battery?

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