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External batteries charge at night to reduce electricity bills

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Orison Energy have created home batteries that can be charged up at off-peak times — when rates are lower — and used to power appliances.

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Utility rates fluctuate according to supply and demand, meaning powering home appliances — including heating or cooling systems — are most expensive at exactly the moment the consumer wants to use them. But now, Orison Energy have created home batteries, which can be charged up at off-peak times and used later, enabling customers to make significant saving on their energy tariffs.

The Orison Tower and the Orison Panel are both lightweight, external, lithium-ion battery packs. The Orison Tower is an upright device that can be placed on the floor, while the Orison Panel is a flat screen that attaches to the wall. Both are small enough to be hidden amongst furniture or appliances. The batteries can be charged over night when energy rates are at their lowest and can hold up to 2.0 kWh of energy. Then, they can be used to power electronic appliances during the day. The devices can be used in conjunction with alternative energy sources such as solar or wind and they are wirelessly connected to a companion app, which enables users to monitor their energy usage. Eventually, the system will also be able to automatically alert users if any problems occur.


Orison are set to launch a Kickstarter campaign to manage pre-orders soon. The devices are expected to retail from USD 1600. The recently launched Tesla Powerwall offers similar capabilities, but Orison’s devices have the advantage of being easily self-installed and moved. How else could energy storage reduce people’s utility costs?



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