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Stylish modular garden hut comes with a shedload of optional add-ons

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tetra shed is enabling customization through add-ons and the ability to tesselate with extra modules.

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The ability to customize isn’t just limited to everyday products — it’s becoming more and more common to see large spaces offer modularity and personalization. We recently wrote about PORT X, a floating home or office that can be customized and built on land or water. Now tetra shed is offering similar customization through add-ons and the ability to tesselate with extra modules.

Designed as a unique-looking polygonal structure, the hut is made of plywood and its only fixed features are the shape of each module and the door frame. Customers first decide what they want to use their tetra shed for, before selecting from a number of options to create their perfect space. Windows and skylights can be added, and the exterior cladding can be modified to suit. The interior can also be fitted out with a range of extras such as sockets/switches, recessed led lighting, built-in speakers and under-floor heating. The shed also comes with its own app that can be used to control any electronics included inside. Each module can be easily fitted next to another to create a larger space. The video below explains more about the customizations procedure:

The basic unfurnished module costs GBP 6,950, and the shed can be delivered in its finished state or as panels that can be assembled by the owner. Are there other, perhaps more temporary spaces that could be personalized by customers before they use them?



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