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Stylish three-piece business suit is also bulletproof

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Protecting traveling workers against the off-chance of a hail of gunfire, Toronto-based Garrison Bespoke has created The Bulletproof Suit.

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Earlier this year Springwise wrote about the Smuggler suit, which blocks the potentially harmful electromagnetic waves that are emitted from the devices businesspeople use almost constantly each day. Protecting workers from an altogether rarer occurrence, Toronto-based Garrison Bespoke has created The Bulletproof Suit.

The business — which offers premium bespoke suits for the distinctly upper end of the market — often caters for customers who work in the oil and diamond extraction industry. These jobs can often involve traveling into countries to meet new business associates and developers, where there may be threats such as civil unrest or terrorist activity. The Bulletproof Suit takes the same core material — made of carbon nanotubes — that can be found inside police and army-standard jackets and places it in the lining of the clothing, which otherwise looks like a standard pinstripe three-piece suit. According to its creators, it can stop .22, .45 and 9mm bullets, but is lighter than kevlar and enables wearers to maintain a professional image while being protected. The video below from CityNews Toronto explains more about the suit:

The suit’s design was prompted by a request from a Garrison Bespoke client who survived being shot, and it is expected to retail for around USD 20,000. Are there other products that could benefit from a bulletproof makeover?

Spotted by Murray Orange, written by Springwise



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