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Suitcases & pad thai | Ordering food at Munich Airport

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Bavarians flying home to an barren kitchen needn’t worry. While waiting for their luggage to come down the conveyor belt at Munich Airport’s Terminal 2, they can order food off a billboard and pick it up on their way out. The billboard (view a close-up) shows a pan-Asian menu and Mangostin Restaurant‘s phone number. “Empty fridge? Order now and pick up your food on Level 5 in 10 minutes. It couldn’t be simpler!” We couldn’t agree more. Nothing like a bit of daily lubricant to make consumers’ busy lives easier. (Incidentally, Munich Airport is no stranger to innovation. It’s been home to the world’s first airport microbrewery since 2003, as well as a boutique specializing in erotica.) Spotted by: Monique van Dusseldorp



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