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Belts and bracelets double as survival gear

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Helping consumers be prepared, SurvivalStraps are paracords disguised as bracelets, belts, watch straps, key fobs, anklets and dog collars. In an emergency, a bracelet can be unraveled to up to 26 feet of military grade nylon cord, while belts contain up to 200 feet of cord. The parachute cord can be used for anything from pulling someone out of a river to building a makeshift shelter. Once used, the cord (along with the story of how it was used) can be sent to the manufacturer to be rewound into the original accessory. Manufactured by Tough Gear Inc, a small family-run company in Florida, the accessories come in 900 different color combinations, with a choice of plastic side-release buckle or marine grade stainless steel shackle. In the few years since Tough Gear went into business, the company has grown from selling directly to a few friends to a customer base in the thousands. Products that enhance preparedness in case of emergency can provide consumers with a feeling of safety, addressing a general unease caused by economic crises, war, floods and environmental concerns. Want to get in on the action? Figure out how to embed prepared-for-anything features in your own products or services, give them a survival-chic spin, and don’t forget the all-important status skills and story elements. Spotted by: Sofia Larsson



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