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The Aquas Perma Solar Firma | Photo source Archello

Award-winning, self-sustaining home design in urban Sydney

Architecture & Design

The inner-Sydney terrace incorporates green technologies and some small-scale food production

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Spotted: Winner of the International Interior Green Award and a Sustainable Building Award, Aquas Perma Solar Firma brings together sustainability and permaculture, demonstrating that you can still live off the land in the midst of a concrete jungle.

The home of Sydney couple Geoff and Julia was designed to meet the needs of a modern, environmentally-conscious and socially responsible couple, aiming to live as off-grid as possible. 

The house includes an aquaponics system for fish harvesting, a 5000-litre underground rainwater tank to capture and use throughout the home, ‘self-watering’ wicking bed systems, compost, a worm farm and even a little vegetable garden.

With aquaponics, the garden bed sits on top of a fish tank, allowing the plants to purify the water and the waste from the fish to be converted back into fertiliser for the plants. Geoff and Julia also have a 3kW solar energy system and an evacuated tube solar water heating system.

The home generates so much fresh produce that indirectly, they’ve developed a neighbourhood co-op. A few free-roaming chickens provide the final touch, allowing the couple (and their neighbours) to enjoy fresh eggs for a perfect, cafe-worthy breakfast. 

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