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The neighbourhood is made entirely from timber | Photo source Henning Larsen

Copenhagen junkyard becomes a biodiverse housing development

Architecture & Design

The three all-timber neighbourhoods incorporate nature in every aspect, from bat shelters to community gardens and central ponds


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Spotted: Fælledby i Vejlands Kvarter is a Danish National Design Competition-winning urban development masterplan. Created by the Henning Larson design studio, Fælledby replaces city wasteland with a recreated rural village. The all-timber housing fits the neighbourhoods’ focus on nature, and each of three distinct areas has its own pond and is connected by plant corridors for the safe travel of animals. Homes for bats, insects and birds are integrated into the built environment too.

Construction is happening in phases, to allow for maximum growth of the natural landscape. The design studio worked closely with biologists and environmental engineers to ensure that native wet and dry lands were appropriately incorporated. Once the development is complete, the studio expects larger animals, including deer and turtles, to pass through or make their homes within the area.

Entries to the national competition were reviewed by citizens, to ensure that the eventual winner reflected widespread topics of interest and concern.

As architects and builders seek to lessen their reliance on carbon-devouring processes and materials, innovations spotted by Springwise are providing answers. A 3D-printed B&B made from renewable materials is recyclable, and plans for a hydrogen-powered city at the base of Japan’s Mt. Fuji are underway.




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