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The cleaning towers | Photo source Studio Symbiosis

Studio creates giant towers to cleanse New Delhi air

Architecture & Design

The towers will use aerodynamic designs to pull in the air and expel it as clean and filtered


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Spotted: India-based company, Studio-Symbiosis, has designed circular towers to cleanse polluted air in New Delhi. The towers will use aerodynamic designs to pull in the air and expel it as clean and filtered.

The plan calls for two types of air purification towers: the largest structures, 60-metre-high, will be placed in a ring around the city. These will stop dirty air from flowing into nearby areas. The smaller, 18-metre-high towers will be placed in hot spots around the city.

The towers, named Aũra, use air pressure to push polluted air into the structure’s purification system and expel it as clean and filtered. The polluted air enters the bottom half of the structure and then travels up inside the tower and is expelled from the top. The structure consists of two chambers, with one speeding up the air intake, and the second purifying it.

The air is cooler when it exits the tower, increasing air pressure around the structure, which creates a loop and pushes the warmer air towards the tower. Green plants will also grow at the top of the towers to produce more oxygen in the area. The smaller structures will cleanse 32 million cubic meters of air per day, according to the design team.

The tower system is one part of the studio’s proposal. The team also envisions using micro air purifiers on cars and drones to monitor the air quality.




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