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The six-storey building contains 3,150 square metres of office space and can be demounted at the end of its life | Photo source Waugh Thistleton

Flexible workspace company builds a fully demountable office block

Architecture & Design

The super-low carbon, six-storey building combines steel and timber that can be adapted to the needs of its many tenants

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Spotted: London architect studio Waugh Thistleton has built a hybrid cross-laminated-timber and steel office block for British Land’s flexible workspace company. Sitting alongside the canal at Regent’s at 6 Orsman Road, the six-storey building contains 3,150 square metres of office space and can be demounted at the end of its life.

Waugh Thistleton Architects aimed to create a flexible building that could be adapted to the needs of its many tenants, which is why there are only two columns per space and no internal support walls. Likewise, with only a steel frame, the timber wall and floor elements can be adapted or relocated within the building.  The building was also designed with the aim of achieving zero waste, leading to the use of offcuts from the CLT structure to create furniture within the offices. 

“We wanted to treat the building as a recyclable product, we conceived of it being dismantled, reused and recycled in the future,” said Andrew Waugh, Waugh Thistleton Architects’ co-founder. “All the steel connections are bolted… and the timber is screwed together – you’d need a good toolbox, but yes it could be demounted!” he continued.

Taking advantage of its north-facing façade, the block has been fully glazed to maximise the amount of light entering the building. A lightweight curtain wall system with opening windows allowing for ventilation ducts and expansive northern light.

Written By: Katrina Lane

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