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The cord-free nature of the system is designed to eliminate waste | Photo source Nolii

Cord-free smartphone accessories reduce waste

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A startup has developed a system that allows cord-free connection of your phone to a battery or carrying case, reducing the need to replace broken or snagged cables

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Spotted: Nolii co-founded Asad Hamir had an “Aha” moment when he was tripped up by his tangled phone cables while jogging. After suffering a head injury caused by trying to take his phone out of his pocket while running, he realised that there was a better way to connect his phone and battery pack than using cables. The result is a range of products designed to simplify and streamline mobile phone use.

The products inspired by Hamir’s fall include a phone case, that also stores cards, that is held together with a patented “Click Lock” technology. The locking system allows the case to be securely connected to a number of accessories. These include a battery pack and a fitness band which keeps phones securely in place when you’re working out. A “one-click” detachment mechanism allows users to quickly snap on the battery pack or answer calls mid-run.

The cord-free nature of the system is also designed to eliminate waste, by reducing the need to replace broken or snagged cables. The case and battery pack are made from toughened polycarbonate, while the connectors are reinforced with Kevlar. The design is intended to last, as well as to allow easy integration with future products, creating a more sustainable approach. 

According to the company, “Our products are built to last and responsibly manufactured. With our modular design, our accessories are forward compatible – which means they work when you upgrade your device. This helps us minimise our impact on the environment.” The products also come in a wide range of colour combinations.

Written By: Lisa Magloff



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