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Two ring-shaped structures would blend outdoor and indoor spaces | Photo source Valentino Gareri

'Tree-House School' designed for the COVID era


A sustainable, modular educational centre concept blends outdoor and indoor spaces and addresses health concerns stemming from COVID-19

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Spotted: US-based designer Valentino Gareri has come up with a modular educational centre concept featuring two ring-shaped structures that blend outdoor and indoor spaces. The “Tree-House School” addresses health concerns stemming from COVID-19 while incorporating sustainable features and a modular design that allows for future expansion based on capacity needs.

Classrooms would be well-ventilated, and social distancing would be easier to achieve due to the extra spaces incorporated in the design. Rooms can also be repurposed for different functions, including temporary medical centres or short-term residential units.

Sustainable features include rainwater collection and wind energy devices. These would be visible to the students, located on the roof, allowing for sustainability to become part of the educational experience.

“The school of the future has to be sustainable and … able to sustain the new post-COVID requirements. It has to be outdoor spaces inclusive and open to nature, made of natural materials and low-cost construction techniques, as modular design,” Gareri said.

In addition to classrooms, the design also features a community centre, urban plaza, café and library.

Springwise continues to spot innovations aimed at making the return to school safe for students amidst an ongoing global pandemic, including an outdoor tent classroom design that allows for social distancing.

Written By: Justin Sablich



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