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The new swimwear, made from plastic recovered from the ocean | Photo source Madra

Swimwear made of recycled plastic recovered from the ocean and landfills

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In addition to its sustainability, the material is light, soft and water-resistant, taking just a few minutes to dry post-swim

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Spotted: This month, sustainable swimwear company Marda will debut with a collection of men’s swimwear that is made from plastics recovered from oceans and landfills. More than just being unmatched in quality and design, Marda is also aiming to be the most sustainable swimwear brand there is.

Marda was founded by August Dryberg, who came up with the idea on a scuba diving trip to Thailand. Expecting pristine waters, Dryberg was shocked by the amount of plastic he saw in the ocean. He became motivated to build a brand that would help clean up the oceans, and to that end, Marda swimwear is made of 100 per cent recycled materials.

A premium Japanese fabric manufactured from recycled plastic goes into all swimwear, and every pair of shorts is made from seven recycled plastic bottles that have been recovered from the ocean or landfills. In addition to its sustainability, the material is light, soft and water-resistant, taking just a few minutes to dry post-swim. A metal logo on the back of the waistband adds a stylish touch.

Dryberg’s passion for creating the best board shorts available extends beyond style. The company told Springwise that “The most important thing was that they should fit well and be comfortable to wear.” They add: “Every production step, from sourcing 100 per cent recycled materials, to the design aesthetic right through to fabric innovation, is enriched by our creative touch and profound love for the earth.”

Given that around 35 per cent of materials in the clothing manufacturing supply chain end up as waste, there is a huge need for more sustainability in the industry, which is being met by an increasingly diverse range of companies. Innovative ideas we have recently covered here at Springwise include eco-friendly bikinis made from recycled fishing nets and a biodegradable hoodie of plant fibres.

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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