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OTH founder Arnaud Barboteau at the 2020 ChangeNOW summit in Paris | Photo source Justin Sablich/Springwise

Sustainable trainers made from recycled tire soles

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OTH uses leather scraps from a garden glove factory and each pair of shoes are tattooed with GPS coordinates

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Spotted: French-based company, Off the Hook (OTH), is a unisex, sustainable, trainer brand. These unique shoes have soles made from recycled, world-travelled tires. Moreover, each pair is tattooed with GPS coordinates referring to an unusual place.

One tire is recycled for every three pairs of shoes produced by OTH. Ethical and ecological, Off The Hook produces its shoes in a workshop in Portugal and makes its leather in a tannery in Italy, in order to limit its carbon footprint. The leather is also obtained from scrap pieces from a garden glove factory. This 100 per cent European production ensures that labour laws are respected and that certain chemicals are avoided. In short, everything is done for the well-being of the planet.


“Each time, we have a different pattern for every sole, and each time I produce three pairs of sneakers, there is one tire recycled,” OTH founder Arnaud Barboteau told Springwise.

OTH pairs can be worn by both men and women and are available in three combinations of materials and colours: smooth white leather, anthracite suede and cream nubuck. At around 145 euros a pair, prices are on the higher end. However, OTH stands out from the competition by presenting a unique environmentally-friendly manufacturing process.

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