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Hairpods use magnetic misting technology to provide accurate applications of highly concentrated products | Photo source Reduit

Portable and sustainable 'Hairpods' dispense product with magnetic pulses

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Misting hair with highly concentrated ingredients and magnetic pulses ensures a targeted application with minimal waste

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Spotted: Swiss company Réduit introduced its luxury Hairpods at the January 2020 Consumer Electronics Show. Hairpods use magnetic misting technology to provide accurate applications of highly concentrated products. The palm-sized applicator disperses a superfine mist, along with a range of magnetic and sonic pulses. The pulses help make it easier for hair to absorb the product by affecting the size and tension of each droplet of mist.


Each Hairpod product is made from a range of healthy ingredients designed especially to repair and strengthen damaged hair. The intention behind Hairpods is to reduce the numbers of products used by most people on average, and greatly decrease packaging waste. The accuracy of magnetic misting applications means less of the product is wasted, thus creating a virtuous cycle of customers needing to buy less. 

Hairpods are available in a range of treatments, including Shade, which protects hair from the sun, and Glow, which increases lustre. Products will be available for retail from Spring 2020. Consumers interested in shaping further development of the Hairpod line can join the company as a Founder and receive early access, and opportunities to provide feedback and input.

From a beauty service booking app that connects customers with independent professionals to an inkjet printer for skin that covers blemishes, innovations spotted by Springwise cover almost every area of health and beauty.

Innovation in health and beauty is reshaping everything from ingredients to packaging to application. Nanotech is increasingly popular, and the race to reduce waste continues to accelerate. With the global beauty and personal care market forecasted to grow to €645.8 billion by 2025, the opportunity and space for brand collaborations are considerable, especially as scientific knowledge develops.

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