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The AI-powered platform that provides traceability in clothing | Photo source Hannah Morgan on Unsplash

AI-powered platform provides traceability in the fashion industry

Fashion & Beauty

ViJi enables businesses to trace the sustainability of their production and design chain while providing transparency information to consumers


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Spotted: Today, it is becoming easier to trace the sustainability of the food in your refrigerator, but it is still very difficult to know where the clothes in your wardrobe come from. Was the cotton grown sustainably? Was child labour involved? Without this type of information, it is not possible to make truly sustainable choices. For businesses, too, this information can be hard to come by. A French startup, ViJi, is hoping to change this, with an AI-powered platform that provides traceability in clothing.

ViJi offers a number of options for consumers and businesses. Consumer-facing options include a website plugin that allows customers to click on an icon to instantly see information about traceability, social and environmental responsibility at different stages of production for a given item. Consumers can also scan a product barcode to access information about the product. 

ViJi Control enables businesses to trace the sustainability of their production and design chain. The platform also aims to find ways of improving social and environmental responsibility within a given supply chain. Using ViJi Track, suppliers download their corporate social responsibility (CSR) documents, and then AI-driven photo-geolocalisation allows businesses to follow the production of particular garments in real-time to ensure that suppliers are following their CSR procedures.

Unlike in the food industry, there are very few standards in the textile industry. ViJi is working in collaboration with both suppliers and brands to make production chains more traceable and transparent.

The idea that fashion needs to be more sustainable has finally caught on, and we are seeing more innovations aimed at improving the fashion industry’s approach. These include ideas as varied as using bacteria to synthesise indigo dye and a circular process for using natural fibres in place of materials normally made from plastic.



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