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A collage of participants in the company’s 100-day challenge | Photo source Wool&Prince

Brand challenges customers to wear odour-resistant clothing for 100 straight days

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A fashion company is highlighting the benefits of sustainable fashion by offering customers money if they wear one of their garments for 100 days straight

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Spotted: Fashion, especially fast fashion, is ruining the planet. Every year, manufacturers create more than 100 billion garments – responsible for roughly 10 per cent of global carbon emissions, 93 billion cubic metres of water, and half of million tons of plastic microfibers added to the oceans. And many are now arguing that the time has come to encourage people to buy fewer clothes. One brand, Wool&Prince has come up with an innovative way to challenge people to do exactly that.

Wool&Prince is offering a $100 gift card to customers who wear one of its dresses or men’s shirts for 100 days straight. The company’s garments are made of wool and are designed to be odour and stain-resistant. The challenge implies that the garments don’t need to be washed during the 100 days – merely hung up to air each evening and sponged with warm water if the “pits start to smell” – saving further on water and energy.

The 100-day challenge is intended to as a marketing strategy, to draw attention to the durability of wool clothes. But it also has serious intent. According to Wool&Prince founder Mac Bishop, the idea is to encourage people to reduce their consumption by normalising the idea of owning fewer garments and wearing them on repeat. People participating in the challenge will need to send in 100 photos – one taken each day – to prove the garment was actually worn.

The other important element of the 100-day challenge is to promote the use of wool as a sustainable, everyday fabric, rather than the artificial fibres often used in fast fashion. According to Wool&Prince, “The truth is, the benefits of wool are nothing new. It’s wrinkle-resistant, breathable, and temperature-regulating. It’s odour-resistant and even a little stain-resistant, too. … We decided it was time to bring these same benefits to the clothing we wear every day.”

Wool&Prince is not alone in its drive to combat the waste of fast fashion. Fashion label Aday has invited some customers to wear outfits they’ve already purchased from the brand, paying them between $25 and $75 in credit, depending on how many times they wear it. At Springwise, we have also seen a number of innovations to tackle waste in fashion. Recent initiatives include a fashion company that only manufactures pieces that have already been ordered and a hoodie made from compostable plants.

Written By: Lisa Magloff



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